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Here at Edible Elegance we love making your custom cake dreams come true. We make cakes for all occasions, from first birthdays all the way up to 75th anniversaries. Custom cakes range in price depending on size and the extent of the decorating. Below is a list of our basic pricing, Including your choice of flavor and filling, a buttercream base, writing, and simple decorations. Additional decorations can be added at an extra cost. We would be happy to discuss any ideas you may have and give you an exact quote on what you are looking for! Give us a call at 403-942-6888, send us an email at, or message us on facebook for more details.

Wedding cakes are based on custom quotes.

Custom orders require a minimum of one weeks notice. However our online store has some of our simpler cakes that we can have ready in only 24 hours notice for those last minute celebrations, and we also cary some cakes instore daily if you need something sooner than the custom order minimums.

All of our custom cakes come standard with your choice of cake flavor and filling, a buttercream base, simple decorations (polka dots, flowers, etc.) and writting. Additional decorations are at an additional cost and must be quoted by one of our decorators. Wedding cakes are all based off of a custom quoted price. If youre in the market for a wedding cake please reach out to our team at 4039426888 or

Round Cakes

4" Round Feeds 2-3 34.00+

6" Round Feeds 6-8 49.00+

8" Round Feeds 12-16 62.00+

10" Round Feeds 20-25 74.00+

12" Round Feeds 35-40 87.00+

Square Cakes

4" Square Feeds 3-4 39.50+

6" Square Feeds 8-10 55.00+

8" Square Feeds 16-20 68.00+

10" Square Feeds 25-30 80.00+

12" Square Feeds 40-50 92.00

Slab Cakes

1/4 Slab Feeds 16-20 62.00+

1/2 Slab Feeds 40-50 93.00+

Full Slab Feeds 90-100 143.00+

On the Inside


Vanilla, Chocolate, Marble, Lemon, Orange, Pink almond, Red velvet, Coconut, Carrot and Rainbow sprinkles,


Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate buttercream, Bavarian mixture, Whipping cream, Raspberry cream, Banana cream, Strawberry cream, Coconut cream, Pina coloda, Cream cheese icing.

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